Orthodontics at DentoCranial Therapeutics PC in Grand Junction, CO


It is true! Straight teeth definitely improve our appearance, but there is more to orthodontics than only a great smile. Misaligned or crowded teeth can create a malocclusion (bad bite) that can result in tooth loss and gum disease. TMJ dysfunction and all its associated symptoms can also be caused by an improper bite.
Our office provides orthodontic treatment for adults and children with a functional orthopedic concept.
Dr. Kennedy believes in a non-extraction approach to orthodontics. Treatment is usually done in two phases. Phase 1 is orthopedic and develops the size of the jaws three dimensionally to make room for the permanent teeth. This is accomplished by using custom made, removable, light wire appliances. Phase 2 is orthodontic to align the teeth for esthetics and proper occlusion (bite). Fixed braces or, if indicated, clear aligners are used to finish the orthodontic phase. Some cases may only need Phase 1 treatment.

Two phase treatment works well with children. Early treatment with Phase I, starting at 7-9 years of age, reduces the need for permanent tooth extractions and corrects skeletal problems such as cross bites, over bites, open bites and developing TMJ problems. The orthodontic phase is then completed when all permanent teeth have erupted. With this approach to orthodontics fixed braces are usually on the teeth for a shorter period of time.